Author's Diary for Feb. 3, 2020

Sean here. Sorry about the lack of updates the past couple of weeks. Sazzy and I have had to straighten some things out. Now that we have, we can resume updating you on Covenant and my novel Crossing the Line. Look for the next episode of the podcast… soon. I recently started the second draft […]

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! – East Sunset Road in Crossing the Line

Las Vegas is a dry place. Always has been. It just got more intense after the war. The residents got put on short rations, and all our lavishly watered lawns, even in the Republic of Summerlin, got torn out and replaced with xeriscape – pretty if you like fifty different shades of brown, but hot […]

Streets of Las Vegas – Part 2

I was supposed to post the last part of my review on Wendy’s Feast of Legends, but I’m behind on reading it and don’t have enough for a post. Then I remembered that I have a novel getting published at Black Opal Books, and that I promised them that I’d do publicity for it… My […]

Radio Free Covenant: Episode 4 – Meet the Valka, Part 1

We’re a week and a day late, but Radio Free Covenant is back on the air! Sean had his hands full with a three-year-old niece last weekend, when he normally edits the podcast. That’s why it’s late. We have a treat to make up for it, though: one of the playable species in Covenant, the […]

Pronouns in Covenant

(Be sure to tune in to the latest episode of the podcast!) Sean here again. So, we’ve learned that alien sexual cues may be incomprehensible and downright repulsive to other species. This has some surprising consequences, and it forces us to take a side on a contentious, real-life subject. Dealing with aliens on a regular […]

Radio Free Covenant: Episode 3 – We Get Letters

We put the call out to our friends to find out what they wanted in a roleplaying game, and today we respond! Tune in to learn what they want and how (or if) Sean and Sazzy can incorporate their requests. We round out this week’s episode with what we want in an RPG. We are […]

Radio Free Covenant: Episode 2 – Fascism and Noodles

So, we’re trying a shorter format that we hope we can get out on a more regular basis. I hope you bear with us through our birthing pangs. For now, join Sean and Sazzy as they talk about: Why fascism and autocracy may be the inevitable outcome of our current politics and economics Why it’s […]