Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! – East Sunset Road in Crossing the Line

East Sunset Road, Las Vegas, NV, looking East
East Sunset Road in Las Vegas, NV between South Eastern Avenue and South Pecos Road, looking east. The Sunset Park wetlands are to the right off-camera. That concrete wall to the right up at Sandhill is Wayne Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah, the inspiration for French Hills in Crossing the Line.

Las Vegas is a dry place. Always has been. It just got more intense after the war.

The residents got put on short rations, and all our lavishly watered lawns, even in the Republic of Summerlin, got torn out and replaced with xeriscape – pretty if you like fifty different shades of brown, but hot as the hinges of hell in summer.

Really, the only places where you see grass and flowers – and I don’t mean hardscrabble little desert wildflowers, but big, succulent, mob funeral-grade blooms – are where the power and money concentrate in the valley. That’d be the hotels and places like French Hills.

You get there by heading east on Sunset, past McCarran International, past Sunset Park, past row after row of strip malls and garbage-choked lots, and everything’s painted variations on the same two colors – fake stucco brown and caliche grey – and you’re wondering who stole all the colors and where he put them…

And then wham. Right between your eyes.

Crossing the Line, ©2019 Sean D. Daily

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Vocabulary of the Orion Arm: The P’s and Q’s

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Sean here. Sorry for the lack of posts. I was sick with a cold until yesterday, but I’m good to go today. Read on to learn your P’s and Q’s in Trade.

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Streets of Las Vegas – Part 2

I was supposed to post the last part of my review on Wendy’s Feast of Legends, but I’m behind on reading it and don’t have enough for a post.

Then I remembered that I have a novel getting published at Black Opal Books, and that I promised them that I’d do publicity for it…

My urban fantasy novel Crossing the Line takes place almost entirely in Las Vegas, my adopted hometown. And I have photos of Las Vegas! Click through to see more.

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Vocabulary of the Orion Arm: The N’s and O’s

Vocabulary of the Orion Arm - Today's Lesson - The N's and O's

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I couldn’t post this on Friday, so I’m making up for it today. Read on to learn common Trade words that start with the English letters N and O.

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Meet the Valka – Part 2

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Sean again. Last week, I told you about the valka. Now let’s look at some of the traits that you’ll use to make them in Covenant. Click through for more.

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Feast of Legends – Part 1

Wendy's Feast of Legends

Wendy’s Feast of Legends (FoL) is a full, straight-faced roleplaying game and campaign that’s also part of a hamburger shack’s advertising campaign. I’d normally rip it a new one, but this is an odd beast, even for a game tie-in, and requires a nuanced response.

I mean, I am going to rip it a new one, but not for the reasons that you’d expect. I might need more than one post to do it, though, because this one is rough. Click through to start.

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