PZ Myers on Alien Biology

Sean here. To get you ready for what I want to talk about this week, I’m going to have to take a page from biologist PZ Myers and show you a little porn. I’ve hidden it below the page break, so click through when you’re ready to get a little sexy.

How can I get away with posting this ? On a family blog, no less!
Not proud of where I got this. With appropriate musical accompaniment.

Mmm… yeah… Lemme tell ya, if you’re a male chimp, you’re probably awkwardly excusing yourself to go to the bathroom right now.

Oh wait. You’re a human? And this female chimp – who is practically a kissing cousin to humanity and not an alien that evolved on an alien planet with an entirely alien biochemistry – isn’t arousing? Not even a little?

That’s one of the points of this lecture by Myers, as well as the next few posts that I’m going to make here – that science fiction aliens, for the most part, aren’t all that alien.

Unfortunately, they aren’t all that alien in Covenant, either. Most of them are humanoid, and I think they’re pretty recognizable and relatable. They’d have to be, if you wanted to play one in a game.

What I do want to do in the game, though, is look at how aliens interact, both socially as well as chemically. This approach has some drawbacks, like no sexy aliens.

Well, not unless you get off to that one scene in Galaxy Quest, at least.
h/t PZ Myers

I think that the trade-off will be worth it, though. Tune in tomorrow for more.

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