Author’s Diary for the Week of July 3, 2020

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Well, finished the current draft of Covenant’s playtest rules that week. That means… the next step! Find out what that is, along with our writing process, below the fold.

So, we have a huge hot mess of a rulebook – 154 pages of half-baked ideas and near-constant focus change. We can’t very well give a quivering, gelatinous mass like that to our playtesters.

What to do?

Well, that was Step 1 of our writing process. It’s something like this:

  1. Write a draft.
  2. Re-read draft and take notes.
  3. Edit draft.
  4. Go back to Step 1.

We’re on Step 2 of that process right now. We’re up to page 43 of the current draft and have been taking notes the whole while in our “editing diary”.

The Editing Diary

We started the editing diary back on Jan. 27 of this year, while we were elbows-deep in the current draft of the rules, and have been taking notes on the changes that we want to make to the rules, the rulebook, and the game itself ever since.

Then there’s the rules summary that we wrote last week, which is an updated and condensed version of the rules and which we will probably have to read and take notes on, as well.

The re-read is turning out to be a critical piece of the writing process. It allows us to evaluate the rules with fresh eyes. Luckily, Sean is on vacation next week, so he should have plenty of time to finish re-reading the rules. However, we’ve taken so many notes that the process of collating all of them into something useful – instead of yet another quivering, gelatinous mass of writing – will take some time.

We’ve set ourselves a deadline of Feb. 28, 2021 to get the playtest rules ready for our playtesters. With a little luck and some uninterrupted reading and editing time, we should be able to meet that deadline.

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