Author’s Diary for August 7, 2020

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Featured Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

We’re still on Covenant’s playtest rules this week, and we started writing chapters out of whole instead of just editing them this week. Find out more below the fold.

Here’s the three chapter we wrote this week.

  • Running Scenes: How to run the dramatic moments in your Covenant stories, how to determine initiative and, probably most important, how to end a scene with victory conditions and retreating
  • Chases: How characters can chase each other during and between scenes, as well as track each other down
  • Movement: How characters move during scenes

We’re still working on the Movement chapter right now. Characters make bids to move through arbitrary areas on a map during scenes. The type of bid they make depends on how they move – that is, on foot, flying without wings, piloting a vehicle, or riding a mount – but that’s about it. We hope it’ll let us compress four different book sections or chapters worth of rules into one. Time and playtesting will tell us if it works.

That’s it for now. Talk to you later!

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A podcast about the science-fiction roleplaying game "Covenant" and the urban fantasy novel "Crossing the Line", soon to be published by Black Opal Books.

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