Author’s Diary for February 19, 2020

You know how to heal your allies during the heat of battle. Now learn how to heal them when the fighting’s over. Click through for more.

I’m a little embarrassed at today’s writing. I’d separated healing damage into healing during scenes and healing during downtime – that is, the time between scenes and chapters – but I could only manage seven bullet point lines for the latter. I may have to fold them together into one section.

Anyway, today’s writing is about healing during downtime. You get a limited number of bids that you can perform during intermissions (between scenes) and intermissions (between chapters). Each medicine bid you make during downtime counts as one of those bids.

You can also only heal long-term damage like lost limbs and mental trauma during intermissions. You can do it either by make medicine bids at double-cost or by buying cybernetic limbs and replacement organs.

Here’s what I wrote today.


  • Characters can heal each other during intermissions and interstitials as well as during scenes.
  • Each medicine bid made to heal damage or remove a condition counts as one of a character’s bids during that downtime period.
  • Long-term damage can only be healed during intermissions.
    • Each medicine bid to heal long-term damage is at double-cost.
    • Long-term damage can also be healed with artificial replacements (EXAMPLE: replacement limbs, donor organs, cybernetic body parts, etc.). These are each bought by making fixed purchase bids, with the replacement’s listed price as the target.
    • If a character has long-term damage because xi lost body parts, then healing that damage replaces those lost body parts with replacements and/or prostheses of some kind.
    • Healing long-term damage from lost body parts also removes any negative conditions associated with losing that body part.

That’s it for now. Talk to you later.

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