Author’s Diary for April 6, 2020: Bids Appendix (Building Items)

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We wrapped up the Computers bid on Friday. Now learn how you can build things in Covenant with the Crafting bid. Read on below the fold.

Build: Create an item without buying it

  • To Accomplish: Fixed Crafting bid, set by the item’s cost
  • Successful Bid: The character builds the item.
  • Unsuccessful Bid
    • The character does not build the item.
    • The character builds the item, but it will malfunction.
    • The character builds the item, but it is broken or defective. It will impose 1 or more disadvantages on all bids made with it.
  • Suggested Traits: Computers, Crafting, Fighting, Knowledge, Medicine, Piloting, Riding, Sabotage
  • Suggested Advantages: 
    • The character is using a dedicated workshop, manufacturing facility, or laboratory.
    • The character is using high-quality materials or ingredients.
  • Suggested Disadvantages:
    • There is a shortage of materials or ingredients.
    • The character is using improvised tools or facilities.
    • The character is using low-quality materials or ingredients.
    • The character must refine xir materials or ingredients from raw materials.

NOTE: Characters can only build items during interstitials and intermissions.

NOTE: Some complex items, like vehicles, may require several Craft bids. Characters may not be able to build especially large items, like spaceships or space stations, with the Craft bid. Instead, building these items might be the goal of a chapter or even an entire story.

That’s it for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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