Author’s Diary for April 9, 2020: Bids Appendix (Helping Allies)

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You learned how to use Covenant’s Assist bid to help your allies recover from their mistakes yesterday. But wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t screw up in the first place? Find out how you can prevent that below the fold.

Help: Improve an ally’s chances to accomplish something or the effects of xir actions

  • To Accomplish:
    • Fixed Assist bid, set by the FM
    • Can usually assist only allies in the same area as the character
    • Can only assist allies in other areas as circumstances permit
  • Successful Bid:
    • The ally adds 1 advantage to xir next bid.
    • The ally gains the ability to use 1 ability that the character knows on xir next bid. The ally must meet the qualifications for the ability.
  • Unsuccessful Bid
    • The character does not help xir ally.
    • The ally adds 1 disadvantage to xir next bid.
    • The ally loses the use of 1 ability on xir next bid.
  • Suggested Traits: Assist, Influence, Knowledge, Perception
  • Suggested Advantages
    • The character has tapped and/or untapped traits relevant to the assistance that xi is giving.
  • Suggested Disadvantages
    • The character does not have traits relevant traits to the assistance that xi is giving.
    • The character is trying to assist more than one ally.
    • The character is under attack.
    • The ally is under attack.

That’s it for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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