Vocabulary of the Orion Arm: The D’s

Vocabulary of the Orion Arm: The D's

The thk’kok are, after the valka, the most numerous sapient species in the Orion Arm. They are also unique in the sense that they did not evolve any kind of vocal cords. Instead, they communicate via clicks and glottal stops. As a result, they have a hard time communicating with other species.

Some thk’kok receive laryngeal implants to help them speak with other sapients. Others, however, either have religious restrictions against these implants or don’t want to cut their own throats open just to be able to talk to other species.

Trade has adapted to the thk’kok by developing a sign language. The thk’kok have three fingers on each hand, so other species usually use their first three fingers to utilize this sign language. These gestures have become so popular that many Trade speakers use them even when they aren’t speaking to thk’kok, to the point that it often resembles spoken Italian.

Read on to learn common Trade words that start with the English letter D.

  • Da (valka, term): Russian for “yes”.
  • Daily (Covenant, slang military): A Covenant soldier’s daily ration of alcohol (or its equivalent, depending on biochemistry). For humans, chiroptim, and acoes, this is usually a beer or watered-down rum.
  • Dama (valka, slang): Matriarch. From Nadsat, derived from dama (lady).
  • Danaïn Hesachvet (chiroptim, term): The goddess worshipped by most chiroptim in Covenant. See also Lady Danaïn, the.
  • Danweth (chiroptim, term): 1. Updraft. 2. A turn of good fortune, easy sailing. Also denweth, sachweth, and khowemweth.
  • Ded (valka, slang): Veteran. From Nadsat, derived from ded (old man, grandfather).
  • Deevee (spacer, slang): Delta-v, or a spaceship’s ability to change its velocity and trajectory. A spaceship with high deevee has powerful engines or lots of fuel reserves, usually both. A high deevee maneuver or trajectory, on the other hand, will put a large drain on a ship’s fuel reserves.
  • Deng (valka, slang): Supplies, food, ammunition, what you need. From Nadsat, derived from dengi (money).
  • Den Mother (Covenant, slang): An office manager or foreman who wrangles the Covenant’s notoriously unreliable labor force, which is made up largely of volunteers, people on minimum, and part-timers who drift in and out of work as they see fit.
  • Devotchka (valka, slang): Woman, female. From Nadsat, derived from devushka (woman).
  • Dhobi (aco, slang): Wash. From British Polari.
  • Dick Tracy (human, slang): Any communicator or radio worn on the wrist. The origins of this name and who Mr. Tracy was have been lost to the sands of time.
  • Dilly, The (aco, slang): 1. Where prostitutes proposition their johns. 2. Workplace, especially if you work for someone else. 3. Easy job, cushy digs. From British Polari.
  • Dilly Boy (aco, slang): 1. Male prostitute. 2. Employee. 3. An aco with an easy job, a “house slave”. From British Polari.
  • Dinari (aco, slang): Money. From British Polari.
  • Dish (aco, slang): v. Gossip, reveal secrets. n. Buttocks. From British Polari.
  • Djedvas (chiroptim, term): 1. Flashy flying to impress the ladies. 2. Flashy, garish, or bawdy. Also wethvas.
  • Djedozh (chiroptim, term): Literally “healing potion”. Medicine, a cure for what ails you, hair of the dog.
  • Djeketos (chiroptim, term): Healer, usually someone who uses herbalism, folk cures, or something from a pyramid scheme to heal.
  • Djuvas (chiroptim, term): 1. Pole that chiroptim climb to gain altitude before taking off to fly. Often attached to the outsides of buildings. 2. Shortcut. 3. Con job, scheme.
  • Dobby (valka, slang): Good From Nadsat, derived from dobro (good).
  • Dog Catcher (general, slang): Bounty hunter who hunts escaped acoes and other slaves.
  • Dogface (general, slang): Racial slur for chiroptim. Most chiroptim in the Covenant come from an ethnic group with canine heads. However, there are other ethnic groups from the Old World with bat-like or mouse-like heads. Also dog.
  • Dolly (aco, slang): 1. Pretty, nice, pleasant. 2. Vapid, superficial, without substance. From British Polari.
  • Dom (valka, slang): Hive. From Nadsat, derived from domy (house, home).
  • Dona (aco, slang): Woman, usually a boss or person in authority. From British Polari.
  • Dook (valka, slang): Sniper or scout. From Nadsat, derived from dukh (spirit, ghost).
  • Dorogoy (valka, slang): Dear, important. From Nadsat, derived from dorogoi (expensive).
  • “Do your ten” (Covenant, slang): 1. Perform the 10 hours of work for your commonwealth so that you can get the minimum lifestyle guaranteed to all Covenant citizens. See also minimum. 2. Fulfill your obligations, get something done and over with.
  • Drat (valka, slang): Close quarters fighting. From Nadsat, derived from drat (tear to pieces, kill).
  • Drek (chiroptim, slang): Anything that’s low quality or worthless.
  • Droog (valka, slang): Ally, squad mate, hive mate. From Nadsat, derived from droog (friend).
  • Dry (slang, military): Out of ammunition.
  • Dump (spacer, slang): Getting rid of kinetic or inertial energy, either with a maneuver or a kinetic/inertial sink. Also dump energy.

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Note: Some of these terms are original, but the rest are gathered from numerous sources. This is only a partial list of these sources.

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