Vocabulary of the Orion Arm: The P’s and Q’s

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Sean here. Sorry for the lack of posts. I was sick with a cold until yesterday, but I’m good to go today. Read on to learn your P’s and Q’s in Trade.

  • Pa’alos (chiroptim, term): An agent employed by the Pahalal in Noch Yassam. See Noch Yassam and Pahalal.
  • Pahalal, The (chiroptim, term): Noch Yassam’s intelligence and counterintelligence bureau. See Noch Yassam.
  • Palone (aco, slang): Woman. From British Polari.
  • Palone-omi (aco, slang): Originally “lesbian”, this now means anyone who is LGBTQ+ in the 27th century. From British Polari.
  • Pamachhal (chiroptim, term): National police force of Noch Yassam. See Noch Yassam.
  • Pa’ofsam (chiroptim, term): A library in the Yassam that, at one time, stored millions of books and hundreds of powerful artifacts and magic weapons. Destroyed and plundered during the Yashak. Also The Great Library. See also Yashak, The and Yassam, The.
  • Pasweth (chiroptim, term): Any strong wind.
  • Patem (chiroptim, term): School.
  • Peet (valka, slang): Drink. From Nadsat, derived from pit (to drink).
  • Pew Pew (valka, slang): 1. Any small arm. 2. Any point defense weapon on a vehicle or installation. See also bladow.
  • “Pew pew or bladow?” (general, slang): 1. The eternal valka argument over whether you should have lots of little guns or one great big gun. (The correct answer, as any valka will tell you, is “Pew pew and bladow”) 2. The numerous squabbles and arguments that valka always seem to be having, usually all at once.
  • Picket (spacer, term): Manned ship (e.g., a fighter) on trajectory sensor duty. Used most often by military ships. Active pickets are on picket duty.
  • Pishcha (valka, slang): Food. From Nadsat, derived from pisha (food).
  • Platch (valka, slang): Cry. From Nadsat, derived from plakat (to cry).
  • Plattes (valka, slang): 1. Clothes. 2. Armor, protective clothing. From Nadsat, derived from platye (clothes).
  • Plenny (valka, slang): Prisoner. From Nadsat, derived from plenniyi (prisoner).
  • Plesk (valka, slang): 1. Splash. 2. Burst, explode. From Nadsat, derived from pleskat (to splash).
  • Pletcho (valka, slang): Shoulder. From Nadsat, derived from plecho (shoulder).
  • Plott (valka, slang): 1. Flesh. 2. Meat. 3. Someone (or something) that is sexually arousing. From Nadsat, derived from plot (flesh).
  • Plotz (chiroptim, slang): To burst with emotion, to be overcome with emotion. From Yiddish.
  • Podooshka (valka, slang): 1. Pillow. 2. Breasts. 3. A fleshy or fat sex partner’s body. From Nadsat, derived from podushka (pillow).
  • Polezny (valka, slang): Useful or potentially useful. From Nadsat, derived from polezniyi (useful).
  • Polish Luggage (human, slang): 1. Improvised luggage carried by refugees, including backpacks and shopping bags. 2. Any improvised, portable container.
  • Pony (valka, slang): Understand. From Nadsat, derived from ponimat (to understand).
  • Poog (valka, slang): Scare, intimidate. From Nadsat, derived from pugat (to frighten).
  • Poogly (valka, slang): Scared. From Nadsat, derived from pugat (to frighten).
  • Pooshka (valka, slang): Gun or other ranged weapon. From Nadsat, derived from pooshka (cannon).
  • “Post hog!” (valka, slang): Something valka say to harass others, usually over and over and while jumping up and down.
  • Post Knife (Covenant, slang military): The small knives that valka and chiroptim soldiers are allowed to carry in the Covenant military. These are usually single-bladed and have flat points, like straight razors with hilts. Military bases keep tight control over their weapons, and most soldiers, aside from base security, are unarmed when they’re not fighting. Predatory species like valka and chiroptim go nuts when they’re not carrying a weapon, though, so the Covenant military allows them to carry post knives. See also security blanket.
  • Pots (aco, slang): Teeth. From British Polari.
  • Powder Keg (chiroptim, slang): Hidden and usually illegal weapons cache.
  • Prestoopnik (valka, slang): Criminal. From Nadsat, derived from prestupnik (criminal).
  • Privodeet (valka, slang): Lead, trailblaze, show the way. From Nadsat, derived from privodit (to lead).
  • Ptitsa (valka, slang): Sexually available woman. From Nadsat, derived from ptitsa (bird).
  • Psychobass (music, chiroptim): A music genre with a fast, heavy, syncopated beat. “Psychobass” comes from a progressive corruption of the genre’s name, first from “syncopated bass”, then to “syncobass”, and finally to “psychobass”. The overall effect is similar to hardbass with a relentless, savage beat. Popular with young chiroptim.
  • Pukka (Covenant, slang): An all-purpose word contributed by the chiroptim. A pukka is anything that’s good, desirable, fancy, gaudy, elegant, cool, or sexy. Can be used sincerely or ironically, so context is important. See also ginchy, which is the adjective form of “pukka”.
  • “Pull a Lovecraft” (chiroptim, slang): 1. Run away in fear. 2. Go insane. Lose control.
  • Pyahnitsa (valka, slang): Drunk. From Nadsat, derived from pyanitsa (drunkard).
  • Quongs (aco, slang): 1. Testicles. 2. Soft spot, vulnerability, Achilles heel. From British Polari.

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Note: Some of these terms are original, but the rest are gathered from numerous sources. This is only a partial list of these sources.

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