Radio Free Covenant: Meet the Valka, Part 2

Radio Free Covenant - Episode 5 - Meet the Valka, Part 2
Episode 5 – Meet the Valka, Part 2

You learned what the valka are and why you shouldn’t piss them off last episode. Now Sazzy’s going to go into:

  • Their deep, deep history
  • The significance of their world in the Algol system
  • The effect two valka named Karu and Katra have had on the rest of the species

This is definitely deep lore stuff. It might not make it into your game. It’s good to know it, though. These might have happened thousands and even millions of years ago, but they’re still making their presence known today.

Also, apologies for the sound quality. We’re still trying to get our bearings here. Hopefully, this won’t happen again.

So, what did you think? Do you want to know more about the valka? Leave a message here or drop us a line at, and if we like it, we’ll respond on air. Remember, if you don’t tell us what we did wrong, we can’t fix it.

Don’t miss the previous episode of Radio Free Covenant, Meet the Valka, Part 1.

Our announcer was the dulcet-toned voice actor Markus Phoenix. You can reach him at

Interstitial music was Worst Sound by Gowler Music at and Used with permission.

Outro music was Speed of Light by Lyvo at and Used with permission.

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