Author’s Diary for 3-17-20: Bids Appendix (Pushing)

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Got a little bit more done on the bids appendix today. Click through for more.

Not much to say about today’s writing, except I am proud of all the nonlethal options (that a clever player can turn into lethal options) for Covenant’s characters. Here’s what I wrote today.

Pushing: Pushing an inanimate object or another character

  • To Accomplish:
    • Push Inanimate Object: Fixed Athletics bid, set by FM
    • Push Character: Opposed Athletics bid vs. Athletics or Movement. The attacker may need to land an unarmed attack on the defender first.
  • If Successful:
    • The object or defender is pushed where the attacker wants (maximum distance of 1 adjacent area).
    • The object or defender is prevented from moving or entering an area.
  • If Unsuccessful:
    • The attacker does not move. Nor is the object or defender.
    • The attacker is pushed where the defender wants (maximum distance of 1 adjacent area).
  • Suggested Traits: Athletics, Movement
  • Suggested Advantages:
    • The character is larger than xir opponent.
    • The character has more than two hands and feet (or four paws).
    • The character is rooted or otherwise connected to the ground.
    • The character has set xirself to push or resist a push.
    • The character is fat, heavyset, or dense.
    • The character is motorized or has cybernetic limbs.
  • Suggested Disadvantages:

That’s it for today. Talk to you tomorrow.

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