Author’s Diary for March 16, 2020: Bid Appendix (Part 4)

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Sorry about the lack of posts the last four days. I wasn’t sick. I was just burnt out. But I’ve started writing the bids appendix again. Click through for more.

Here is what I wrote today.

Pinning: Preventing a character from moving after they have been restrained

  • To Accomplish:
    • Opposed bid vs. Athletics, Agility, or Escape.
    • The target must be restrained before xi can be pinned.
  • If Successful: The target is pinned.
    • The pinned character cannot move.
    • The pinned character still suffers disadvantages to xir physical bids from being restrained
    • The restrained character can try to escape the pin by making another Escape bid on xir turn against the restraining character’s restraining bid. If the restrained characte’ wins the bid, then xi is no longer pinned, but is still restrained.
    • After pinning the target, the restraining character can perform a power move.
      • Power moves are unarmed attacks against the pinned character.
      • The restraining character can perform a power move instead of making an automatic unarmed attack against the pinned character.
      • To perform a power move, the restraining character must make an opposed Attack bid against the restrained character’s Defense bid.
      • The restrained character suffers a number of disadvantages to xir Resistance bid against the power move equal to the restraining character’s size.
        • EXAMPLE: An valka male of size 4 performs a power move on a pinned human. The human suffers 4 disadvantages to xir Resistance bid against the power move.
      • The restrained character is no longer pinned after a successful power move, but is still restrained.
  • If Unsuccessful:
    • The target is not pinned, but remains restrained.
    • The target escapes and is no longer restrained.
  • Suggested Traits: Athletics, Agility, Escaping, Fighting
  • Suggested Advantages:
    • The character is larger than xir opponent.
    • The character has claws, large teeth, or other body parts that can help xir restrain a character.
    • The character has more than two hands and feet (or four paws).
    • The character has a body designed for restraining opponents (i.e., a boa constrictor).
    • The character has help.
  • Suggested Disadvantages:
    • The character is smaller than xir opponent.
    • The character has injured or lost the use of xir arms or legs.

That’s it for now. See you tomorrow.

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