Author’s Diary for February 26, 2020: Traits Appendix (Part 3)

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We’re still slogging through the traits appendix in the playtest rules today. More below the fold.

There’s not much to talk about today. I’m still writing the traits appendix, like I was yesterday and the day before. Expect to see more posts like this for a while.

I do want to talk about how the “negative trait” mechanics that I came up with. In short, traits aren’t always a positive thing for your character. If xi has a trait that is detrimental to xir situation, then it counts as a disadvantage instead of an advantage to your bids during that situation.

The example I use is of a soldier with the fighting trait trying to navigate a diplomatic visit. Xir fighting trait will count as a disadvantage to xir bids during this visit.

Incidentally, the same is true for a diplomat with the diplomacy trait during a fight. Xir diplomacy trait will count as a disadvantage to xir bids during the fight.

The problem is that I’m having trouble of thinking up other negative uses for these traits. This is partly because I included negative trait mechanics mostly to reflect prejudice in the game world.

Say your character is a non-calerre who goes to the calerre-dominated Old Empire. Xir species trait would give xir a disadvantage to all bids, especially social ones, while xi is in the Old Empire.

Or she’s a woman who visits the theocratic Dominion. In this case, her gender trait gives her a disadvantage to social bids while she visits the Old Empire.

However, I haven’t implemented species, gender, or other traits that would be the main bigotry triggers in Covenant. So negative traits will probably have to wait until a later iteration of the rules.

Here’s what I wrote today.

  • Escaping: Escaping capture, securing freedom
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Advising others on how to escape
      • Breaking out of a prison, jail cell, or cage
      • Escaping bonds or wrestling holds
      • Escaping a chase
      • Piloting a vehicle to evade pursuers
    • Negative Uses: None
  • Evasion:
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Advising other on how to escape a chase
      • Escaping a chase
      • Figuring out how a quarry may act
      • Hiding from pursuers
      • Piloting a vehicle to evade pursuers
    • Negative Uses: None
  • Fighting: Making any kind of attack, whether physical, mental, or social
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Advising others on how to make their attacks
      • Attacking an opponent with unarmed, close, ranged, or area attacks
      • Attacking someone’s reputation or honor
      • Knowing the capabilities of an attacks or weapons
      • Making an argument
      • Figuring out how an opponent might attack you
      • Using a vehicle’s weapons
    • Negative Uses: None
  • Influence: Influencing the actions of other characters; spending money, social capital, and other resources
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Advising others on how to use their influence
      • Bribing officials
      • Buying or renting gear, services, and vehicles
      • Convincing someone to let you have a rare or valuable item
      • Figuring out how another character will use xir influence
      • Intimidating an opponent
      • Preventing another character from using xir influence
      • Talking your way past a guard or bureaucrat
      • Upgrading a ticket, hotel room, or other service
    • Negative Uses: None

That’s all for today. Talk to you tomorrow.

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