Author’s Diary for February 24, 2020: Traits Appendix

Well, the bulk of Covenant’s rules are done. Now all that remains is filling in the long, boring lists of traits and abilities. More below the fold.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I needed to take a break over the weekend.

I’m done with the rules, for the most part. I’m going to have to go back and add some for the next version, including some kind of initiative mechanic or way to keep track of actions during scenes. But for now, I can close the book on those.

Now comes the part I was dreading: the long, long lists of traits, abilities, and bids. I was holding off on this to maintain my momentum while writing the rules, but now I have to address it. That means the next few weeks’ of posts are going to be kind of boring.

First up is the traits appendix. Here’s what I wrote for that today.


This appendix lists many of the traits available to characters in Covenant. The players and FM may also develop their own traits, and some characters, particularly alien creatures, may have traits that are unique to them.

Each trait listed here is listed this way:

  • Trait Name: The trait’s name, accompanied by a short description of it
    • Suggested Uses: Three or four recommended uses for this trait. These are not the only uses for this trait. Instead, they are only suggestions and are meant to inspire the players and FM.
    • Negative Uses: Situations in which this trait should be considered a negative trait.

The list of traits is as follows:

  • Athletics: Strength, physical endurance, skill with sports
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Climbing
      • Jumping for distance or height
      • Lifting weights
      • Playing most sports
      • Swimming
      • Wrestling and restraining
    • Negative Uses: None
  • Agility: Fine motor control, balance, nimbleness
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Dodging attacks
      • Escaping from restraints or wrestling holds
      • Maintaining balance
      • Tumbling past or avoiding enemies
      • Walking a tightrope or along a ledge
    • Negative Uses: None

That’s all for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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