Author’s Diary for Feb. 29, 2020: Traits Appendix (Part 6)

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Well, I’m done with the traits appendix! I’m just going to dump what I wrote here and write a debrief on it later, ’cause there’s a lot I want to talk about here. Click through for the dump.

  • Stealth: Hiding, avoiding detection, smuggling
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Advising others with hiding
      • Assisting others with hiding
      • Avoiding surveillance or security sweeps
      • Avoiding detection from sensors
      • Hiding yourself from detection
      • Hiding an item from detection
      • Knowing how to hide or sneak
      • Preventing your vehicle from being detected
      • Smuggling something past guards
      • Sneaking into a secured area
    • Negative Uses: None
  • Tactics: Attacking or defending more effectively. Includes everything from small squad tactics to theatrewide strategy.
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Advising others with their tactics
      • Assisting others with their tactics
      • Discerning a distraction from a main assault
      • Figuring out an enemy’s tactics
      • Knowing tactics and how to implement them
      • Outmaneuvering an opponent on foot or in a vehicle
      • Setting up and attacking defenses and fortifications
      • Setting up communication and intelligence networks
      • Setting up supply lines and support networks
      • Using and defending against traditional and irregular warfare
    • Negative Uses: None
  • Trickery: Lying, deception, running con jobs, making the truth dance a merry jig
    • Suggested Uses:
      • Advising others on using trickery
      • Assisting others in using trickery
      • Creating and using a disguise
      • Distracting an opponent
      • Feinting in combat
      • Forging documents
      • Knowing how to trick and deceive
      • Lying convincingly
      • Palming and hiding items
      • Picking pockets
      • Taunting an opponent
      • Using sleight of hand and “street magic”
    • Negative Uses: None

That’s it for now. Talk to you later.

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