Feast of Legends – Part 2

Wendy's Feast of Legends

Sean here. A couple weeks ago, I started a review of Wendy’s Feast of Legends (FoL). Let’s tear this Band-aid off this scab and finish it.

Like I said in my last post, it’s not a bad system, especially if you’re a beginner.

You roll up your stats and choose your gear, but everything else is determined by which of the 15 classes you choose, including the kind of weapons and armor you can use and a fixed list of “skills” (character powers) that you gain at each level.

The included adventure is on rails but, again, that’s good for a beginning GM. You don’t even have to worry about experience points, because the PCs level as they hit story points in the adventure.

FoL even has some replayability. It comes with a list of magic items and locations in (grrrrr) Freshtovia and a surprisingly large monster section. The classes are fairly distinct, too, with a mix of fighters, faces, and support characters.

Oh, and has excellent production values. And it’s free. And if Wendy’s marketing department hadn’t taken a big steaming dump all over FoL, I’d have to recommend it.

But they did.

The classes are named after Wendy’s menu items like Order of the Spicy Chicken Sandwich and Order of the Baconator. The PCs are defending Freshtovia and places like Nuggeton and Dave’s Double Hills against the Ice Jester (McDonald’s) and monsters like the Fry Fiend, the Beef Bandit, and Constable von Freeze. They’ll be exploring places like the French Fry Forest and Beef Gate and oh gods make it stop I haven’t played Candyland since I was three make it stop.

There’s too much cringe here for me to enjoy FoL, not even ironically. I could go through and rename everything, I guess, but there are other, more interesting games that I can play that I wouldn’t have to put that kind of work into.

I don’t know who made FoL. The book credits Alex Lopez for illustrations and Collin Fogel for maps, but the writers are a mystery. They did an outstanding job for a free RPG, though. I’d like to see more from them. It’s just too bad that their corporate overlords undercut them so badly.

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