Today in Podcasts – System Mastery, “Godlike”

Today in Podcasts - System Mastery - Godlike

Sean here. We can’t talk about Covenant without talking about the System Mastery podcast. Click through for more.

System Mastery

I don’t have a lot of experience with games outside of Dungeons and Dragons. So I started reading roleplaying game reviews to try and catch up in as short a period of time as I could. That led me to System Mastery.

Jef and Jon aren’t game designers or professionals. They have played a lot of games, though. Twice a month, that bring that experience to bear on some out-of-print tabletop roleplaying game and (usually) tear it apart. It doesn’t hurt that their funny, either.

I’ve learned a lot about roleplaying games listening to them, especially what not to do when designing my own game. They might be the extremely specific preferences of two guys from California, but they’re good extremely specific preferences.

The latest episode from them, on Greg Stolze’s Godlike, is a good example. The dice system sounds fun, if overly complicated, but everything else about the game sounds like a slog. Have a listen now.

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