Radio Free Covenant: Episode 4 – Meet the Valka, Part 1

We’re a week and a day late, but Radio Free Covenant is back on the air! Sean had his hands full with a three-year-old niece last weekend, when he normally edits the podcast. That’s why it’s late. We have a treat to make up for it, though: one of the playable species in Covenant, the […]

Radio Free Covenant: Episode 3 – We Get Letters

We put the call out to our friends to find out what they wanted in a roleplaying game, and today we respond! Tune in to learn what they want and how (or if) Sean and Sazzy can incorporate their requests. We round out this week’s episode with what we want in an RPG. We are […]

Radio Free Covenant: Episode 2 – Fascism and Noodles

So, we’re trying a shorter format that we hope we can get out on a more regular basis. I hope you bear with us through our birthing pangs. For now, join Sean and Sazzy as they talk about: Why fascism and autocracy may be the inevitable outcome of our current politics and economics Why it’s […]

Radio Free Covenant: Episode 1 – Hello World!

It took longer than we thought it would, but Radio Free Covenant is finally on the air. Join Sean and Sazzy as they talk about: The Covenant and Matriarchy from their tabletop roleplaying game Covenant Idealism vs. pragmatism in science fiction Sean’s elevator pitch for his novel Crossing the Line, to be published soon by […]