Author’s Diary for March 26, 2020: Bids Appendix (Escaping)

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How does a character escape from being tied up or handcuffed in Covenant? How does xi escape if another character is trying to restrain xir? Find out below the fold.

Escape: Escape from restraints or being held by other characters

  • To Accomplish: 
    • Restraints: Fixed Agility bid, set by FM or the character who applied the restraints
    • Other Characters: Opposed Agility bid vs. Athletics bid
  • Successful Bid:
    • Restraints: The character escapes from the restraints.
    • Other Characters: The result depends on whether the character is restrained or pinned.
  • Unsuccessful Bid:
    • Restraints: The character does not escape from the restraints.
    • Other Characters: The character remains restrained. If xi was pinned, xi also remains pinned.
  • Suggested Traits: Athletics, Agility, Defense, Escaping, Fighting, Restraining, Resistance, Trickery
  • Suggested Advantages:
    • The character is larger than xir opponent.
    • The character has more than two hands and feet (or four paws).
    • The character has a thin or sinuous body.
    • The character has the tools xi needs to escape xir restraints (EXAMPLE: a lockpick, handcuff key, or small knife). Xi can also have body parts that replicate these tools, like claws or sharp teeth to replace a kinfe.
    • The character has help.
  • Suggested Disadvantages:

That’s it for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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