Update for the Week of January 29, 2022

Author's Diary - Update for the Week of January 28, 2022

We’re back! And we have more news about Covenant! Find out more below the fold.

Here’s what we want to talk about this week:

  • The results of our playtesting sessions since November
  • The Archimedean Confederation
  • How to become a playtester


We may have gone dark here, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t working on the game and playtesting it.

Probably the biggest news to come out of the last two months is Sazzy’s turn at being Force Majeure. They took the game in a more epic direction that seemed to revive the players’ flagging interest in the game.

They were summoned into the presence of the Matriarch of the Dymon valka hive. Her advisor, an old risu named Gian, had them face their greatest fears as a test.

Something went wrong, though, and an ancient enemy of the valka species named Tykatra was reborn. This was our first use of the combat rules, and it seemed to go well. Sazzy had the fight go through three stages. In the first two, Tykatra had infinite discipline but used a randomizer to determine his bids. In the third, the PCs were able to pull him out of whatever dimension he was in, where he had limited (but high) discipline and greater control over his bids. The fight knocked out a few of the PCs, but they survived, with Tykatra escaping and collapsing the Dymon hive.

That fight ended the week before last, and this week we had the PCs go through the aftermath. Gian revealed what Tykatra was and told them that there was a cult dedicated to him, the Third Hand, who had been following the PCs since they landed on Sanesse.

That’s about it for now, though. Tonight’s session was pretty sedate, with the PCs intimidating a bounty hunter into dropping a bounty on Soike, our risu, to help them with the slavers. We’ll have more for you next week.


We finished writing up the Archimedean Confederation’s company-states during the last two months and have started on the indigenous states.

The indigenous states are rough, because each one of them is different. It’s not like the company-states, which are all ideologically and organizationally the same. All we can do is give some generalities on the indigenous states: the company-states ruined many of them and want to “liberate” the rest by imposing blockades and invading them with mercenaries. They’re poor, they’re under tremendous pressure, and many of their citizens have had to turn to piracy and slavery just to survive.

We’re about halfway done with the indigenous states right now. Give us another month and we’ll (hopefully) move on to the next domain, the Matriarchy.

We’ll release Covenant’s domain summaries to the public when we finish all of them. However, if you become a patron, then we’ll send each one to you as we finish it!


Have you downloaded Covenant’s playtest rules yet? Did we mention that they’re free? If not, do it now! They’re free! All we ask is that you tell us what you think about them. You can send your feedback in two ways:

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