Update for the Week of March 11, 2022

Author's Diary - Update for the Week of March 11, 2022

We’re back again! Hopefully for good this time. We have news about Covenant below the fold.

Here’s what we want to talk about this week:

  • The results of our playtesting sessions since January
  • The Archimedean Confederation
  • How to become a playtester


We’re still playtesting the game every week, aside from a few breaks for vacations and family obligations.

We’re inching towards going after the slavers. The PCs have gathered all the help they can in Sanesse, and we’ve dropped some plot points in case the players want to continue this after the slaves are rescued. Sazzy even took over the reins last week to introduce an NPC from a new Sagittarius Arm species, the avian si-jeong. Sazzy will finish up tomorrow and then and the story back to Sean.

The game’s been going pretty slow because of scheduling conflicts and a lack of communication with the players that we only discovered last week. We think we’ve fixed that, though, and hopefully we’ll have more interesting news to share next week.


The Archimedean Confederation is done! We wrapped it up last Friday and packaged it up for our patrons last week. You can subscribe to our Patreon to get early access to our summary of the Archimedean Confederation now, or you can get all the domain summaries for free when we finish them. There’s a lot of domains in this game, though, so that’s going to be a while.

We’re going to tackle the valka Matriarchy next. That’s Sazzy’s specialty. Sean’s already done a few interviews with them to get the basic information, and we’ll be continuing that next week until we get enough to start writing up the Matriarchy’s summary.


Have you downloaded Covenant’s playtest rules yet? Did we mention that they’re free? If not, do it now! They’re free! All we ask is that you tell us what you think about them. You can send your feedback in two ways:

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