Author’s Diary for March 20, 2020: Agility Bid (Dodging)

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Well, we finished the Athletics bid yesterday. Time to start work on the Agility bid. Click through for more.

Here’s the first use of the Agility bid: to dodge attacks. It can be used as a substitute for the Defense bid, especially if your character is optimized for nimbleness and dexterity.

Dodge: Avoid close, ranged, and area attacks made against your character

  • To Accomplish:
    • Opposed Agility bid vs. Fighting bid
    • Replaces Defense bid
    • Cannot be used when riding a mount or for attacks against pets or vehicles
  • If Successful: The character dodges the attack and is not affected by it.
  • If Unsuccessful: The character does not dodge the attack and is damaged by it.
  • Suggested Traits: Athletics, Agility, Defense, Escaping, Evasion, Fighting, Movement, Perception, Tactics, Trickery
  • Suggested Advantages:
    • The character is faster than the attacker.
    • The character has the higher ground.
    • The character is under cover or can get under cover.
  • Suggested Disadvantages:
    • The attacker is faster than the character.
    • The attacker has the higher ground.
    • The character is outflanked or at some other tactical disadvantage.
    • The character has injured or lost the use of xir arms or legs.
    • The character’s movement is restricted.
    • The character’s footing is uncertain (i.e., a narrow ledge, an icy sidewalk, etc.).
    • The character is unaware of the attacker or the attack.

That’s it for now. Talk to you on Monday.

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