Author's Diary for March 23, 2020: Bids Appendix (Balancing)

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We’re back in the saddle for Monday! Check out today’s rules for balancing with the Agility bid below the fold.

Balance: Maintain your character’s balance on slippery, narrow, or violently moving surfaces

  • To Accomplish: Fixed Agility bid, set by FM
  • If Successful: The character maintains xir footing.
  • If Unsuccessful:
    • The character slips and falls prone.
    • The character slips and falls off the surface.
  • Suggested Traits: Agility, Chasing, Escaping, Evasion, Movement, Stealth
  • Suggested Advantages:
    • The character has more than two legs.
    • The character has equipment designed for this surface (EXAMPLE: hobnailed boots for ice, a balancing pole for a tightrope, etc.).
    • The character moves in a prone or kneeling stance.
  • Suggested Disadvantages:
    • The character is intoxicated.
    • The character has injured or lost the use of xir arms or legs.
    • The character is overburdened.
  • Suggested Uses:
    • Advising other on how to use their agility
    • Assisting others in using their agility
    • Dodging attacks
    • Escaping from restraints or wrestling holds
    • Knowing how to be agile
    • Maintaining balance
    • Tumbling past or avoiding enemies
    • Walking a tightrope or along a ledge

That’s it for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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