Author's Diary for March 24, 2020: Bids Appendix (Acrobatics)

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So how does your character parkour through a jungle or Hollywood flame factory? How does xi rush past opponents without being attacked or stopped? Find out under the fold.

Acrobatics: Traverse groups of opponents without being attacked or difficult terrain (EXAMPLE: Heavy underbrush, swamp, or factory machinery)

  • To Accomplish:
    • Traverse Opponents: Fixed Agility bid, set by FM, for each area traversed.
    • Traverse Difficult Terrain:
      • Fixed Agility bid, set by FM, for each area traversed
      • Replaces Movement bid
      • Cannot be used when riding a mount or vehicle
  • If Successful:
    • Traverse Opponents: The character moves through each area without being stopped or triggering close attacks.
    • Traverse Difficult Terrain: The character moves through the difficult terrain.
  • If Unsuccessful:
    • Traverse Opponents:
      • The character is stopped by xir opponents.
      • The character moves through each area but triggers close attacks from each opponent in those areas.
  • Suggested Traits: Athletics, Agility, Chasing, Defense, Escaping, Evasion, Movement, Perception, Stealth, Tactics, Trickery
  • Suggested Advantages:
    • The character is smaller than xir opponents.
    • The character has more than two legs.
    • The character has something to climb, swing, or bound off (EXAMPLE: Vines, walls, tree trunks, branches, dangling cables).
    • The character has some kind of climbing gear (EXAMPLE: rope, lasso, bullwhip, or grappling hook).
    • The character has covering fire or other support from allies.
    • The character has cover.
  • Suggested Disadvantages:
    • The character is larger than xir opponents.
    • The character is intoxicated.
    • The character has injured or lost the use of xir arms or legs.
    • The character’s movement is restricted (EXAMPLE: by a net, shackles, rope, handcuffs, or another character).
    • The character is overburdened.

That’s it for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

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