Author’s Diary for Feb. 3, 2020

Sean here. Sorry about the lack of updates the past couple of weeks. Sazzy and I have had to straighten some things out. Now that we have, we can resume updating you on Covenant and my novel Crossing the Line. Look for the next episode of the podcast… soon. I recently started the second draft […]

Radio Free Covenant: Meet the Valka, Part 3

Well, it’s two months late, but Episode 6 is finally here! We wrap up our discussion about the valka (for now) with their technology and history. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 here. So, what did you think? Do you want to know more about the valka? Leave a message here or drop us […]

Vocabulary of the Orion Arm: The P’s and Q’s

(Don’t forget to tune in to the latest episode of the Radio Free Covenant podcast!) Sean here. Sorry for the lack of posts. I was sick with a cold until yesterday, but I’m good to go today. Read on to learn your P’s and Q’s in Trade.

Meet the Valka – Part 2

(Having trouble with the pronouns? Check out this post, and be sure to tune in to the latest episode of the podcast while you’re reading it!) Sean again. Last week, I told you about the valka. Now let’s look at some of the traits that you’ll use to make them in Covenant. Click through for […]